How do you get him to smile?
He smiles on his own :)

How do you get him to pose for photos?
I just hold up a treat or a new toy. He plops down, stares, and i get to snap a few photos while he’s memorized by whatever i’m holding.

My bf/gf is in love with Corgnelius. Can you please take a picture of him with a personalized sign for him/her?
Thank you so much for loving Corgnelius, but unfortunately i can’t. I’ve been getting so many of these requests that if i tried fulfilling them, I’d be making him pose around the clock and i don’t want to bother him in that manner. He has a very sweet, happy disposition and i want to keep it that way.

Where did you get Corgnelius?

Here is my breeder’s website: http://www.pets4you.com/pages/indianoaksranch/

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