1. My bf/gf is in love with Corgnelius & Stumphrey. Can they please take a picture with a personalized sign for him/her?
It kills me to have to say this, especially since the majority of people who ask are so sweet/such big fans, but i unfortunately cannot. I’ve been getting so many of these requests that if i tried fulfilling them, I’d be making the boys pose around the clock and i don’t want to bother them in that manner. Again,  I’m very sorry but thank you for thinking of them.

2. Can you please post about my: charity/ product/ contest that i’m in?
Unfortunately, no. I try to be respectful to the boys’ followers and do my best not to post things that they interpret as “spam” ie- posts about needing votes or raising money.

3. Can you give me your breeder’s info so i can get a corgi just like Corgnelius & Stumphrey?
Yes, i can, but please read below first:

If you were in front of me, i would grab you by the shoulders and shake you to emphasize the question i’m about to ask: ARE YOU READY TO HAVE A CORGI (OR ANY DOG) IN YOUR LIFE? Here are a few scenarios you need to imagine and please don’t take this lightly:

1. You come home and see that your corgi peed on your $3,000 macbook. It’s ruined. While you’re cleaning that up, he or she is now in the closet ripping up your favorite t-shirt. Will you have the patience to not get mad and understand that they don’t do these things out of malice, they’re just being dogs?

2. It’s 6am on a Saturday morning, and you have the flu. You hear whimpering and you know your dog needs to be walked. Are you going to get up, rain or shine, sick or healthy, and walk him/her?

3. Your corgi gets sick in the middle of the night and starts vomiting. Then they poop and you notice blood in their stool. You have to take them to the ER and they find out he/she has giardia/parvo/any other disease that dogs catch. Are you financially stable for a $2,000 plus bill from the vet on any given year? If it gets worse, and he/she need to undergo several surgeries for some reason: Are you ok with a $6k-$10k vet bill? Will you drain your savings for your best friend?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, maybe you’re not ready for a dog. You need to remember you’re going to be that dog’s entire world. He/she is going to need you to look after them every single day and give them as much love as they give you. So are you ready?

If so, Here is my breeder’s info: http://www.pets4you.com/pages/indianoaksranch/

But i’d also like to suggest adopting a dog before you buy, there are a lot of sweet dogs who need loving homes. Here are some websites that allow you to search for dogs based on breed (so you can specify corgi if you want) and location:


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