I saw picture of sweet Corgnelius with all his treats, and I would feel terrible if I didn't say anything and something bad happened to him! I would be aware of any treats that may be jerky or have jerky wrapped around them, especially if they are made in china. Many dogs are getting ill and even dying from treats like this. Waggin train, canyon creek ranch, and Milo's kitchen are some of the most reported brands, but any brands should still be avoided! :)

After reading this, i did a google search and found this article. I’m mortified. All his Canyon Creek Ranch treats are now in the trash. Luckily, i just bought them about a week ago so he hasn’t eaten too many pieces, but i’ll keep an eye on him. Thank you so much for letting me know!

  1. sherlocks-shenanigans said: Ah! Sherlock has been eating the Milo’s Kitchen brand! I can’t believe this! I’m throwing them away as soon as I get home!!
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